What is?

Provincial Decree 268/2019 of 30 October establishes that the Social Reality Observatory Service shall, within the material scope of applied research, plan and appraise public social services and employment policies, and conduct an analysis of social transformation processes and social problems.

The Decree stipulates that the Social Reality Observatory shall exercise the following attributions, among others, through the Planning, Assessment and Quality Section:

  • Survey and analysis of social transformation processes and tendencies of change in society in Navarra.
  • Preparation of surveys and research into demand in social services and employment.
  • Analysis and assessment of demand, and the effectiveness and efficiency of social services.
  • Preparation of surveys of needs, situation and resources as a guideline for drawing up action programmes and plans.
  • Preparation of social indicators, monitoring and appraisal and cooperation with the NASTAT institute to add them to the Navarra Statistics Plan.
  • Preparation of research proposals and backup for any research carried out in Navarra Province.
  • Design, monitoring and assessment of strategic social services and employment plans, sectoral plans and the general Social Services Portfolio.
  • Appraisal of the resources needed to carry out plans and programmes, and an assessment of their economic cost.
  • Coordination and monitoring of any instruments used to gather information from the various departments in relation to the plans.

The aforementioned Provincial Decree 268/2019 also stipulates that the Social Reality Observatory shall exercise the following attributions, among others, through the Social Innovation, Training and European Projects Section:

  • Boosting and implementing social innovation projects geared towards improving people's standard of living and addressing social challenges.
  • Promoting open platforms to encourage spaces for collaboration and social innovation.
  • Encouraging replicatable social innovation practices and experiences in the Community of Navarra.
  • Boosting, extending and connecting professional systematisation, supervision and participation spaces or forums.
  • Promoting European Projects in relation to social innovation.
  • Promoting and exchanging socially innovative programmes within the framework of European programmes.
  • Departmental coordination and encouragement of the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030.

In order to carry out all these functions and provide facilities for technical staff, the organisations working in this connection and the public at large, the Social Reality Observatory furnishes the following contents on this website:

  • A Database with the latest data in relation to policies concerning social services, employment and housing implemented in the Community of Navarra, and also in relation to social needs in Navarra with respect to each of the specific areas. A fourth block on demographics is also exposed.
  • Surveys and research generated in-house by the Observatory, covering the areas of employment, dependency, disability, social inclusion, childhood and family, immigration, senior citizens and housing.
  • Other Social Rights Department documents not generated by the Observatory, such as guides, surveys or previous plans.
  • A Documentation Centre providing access to a fund specialising in social services, employment, guaranteed earnings, childhood and family, housing etc. This section also includes the Archive and Legislation database (which compiles state legislation and Navarra's legislation in relation to social policies and covers all regulatory ranges).
  • SRO press articles, with the articles concerning the Social Reality Observatory.
  • NavarLan, with information on job opportunities and projections of demand for professionals and possible mismatches between supply and demand up to the year 2030, in a bid to compare the job opportunities arising from the sum of expansion demand and replacement demand. It also provides qualitative information on Employment Future scenarios in Navarra up to 2030.
  • The four-monthly Trends Report which addresses Social Rights Department issues.
  • Information requests: possibility of requesting information not found on the website concerning data in relation to social rights in Navarra.
  • The Permanent Social Innovation Laboratory, with information on social innovation projects carried through by the Social Reality Observatory.
  • The Agenda, with information on future conferences, workshops and events (with an enrolment facility), and those organised in recent years by the Observatory (with access to all presentations and the information compiled in this regard).
  • Covid-19 aid that collects information on social aid and financial benefits which have arisen in order to alleviate the negative effects of covid-19.