Guide to innovation in the field of social services


One of the objectives of the Social Reality Observatory of the Department of Social Rights of the Government of Navarre is to promote the culture of social innovation in the third sector, in private companies and in the Public Administration, facilitating and promoting tools with which to propose impact solutions to overcome real social challenges through innovation and creativity.

Social Innovation is a tool for social cohesion and transformation that has to be able to generate new, more effective and efficient responses that are able to meet growing social needs. Moreover, it has to be able to develop local responses to social challenges, integrating diverse stakeholders through new ways of working, collaboration and participation.

Our aim with this publication is that all institutions and organisations working on social innovation in the field of social services have a clearer frame of reference and certain shared concepts. Social innovation is going to be a key element in public policies and in the action of social entities. As an Observatory, we wanted to make our contribution to give rigour to this new field of work and, before continuing our journey, to outline with greater precision the map on which we are going to act.